Friday, 30 October 2009

You don't see much when you're in a bad mood

Some miles , round hackney Marshes to Springfield Park and finishing at the pumpkin shop on Lower Clapton Road.
Here is some electricity.Electricty not shown.
Had to have a little rest and a ponder here , that hill in Springfield Park is deceptively steep.
Bill Cosby in trouble.
And bill Murray. Only thing that made me smile today.More of a half smirk but it's better than nothing.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I see Danger Everywhere

5 Miles , Millfields park- Old Ford Lock and back via the filter beds. A lovely welcome notice for 2012.
Slightly better than all the warning signs that you can see in a 2.5 mile stretch.Some I couldn't even photograph as my camera is not up to it.
Look out; don't fall under a giant truck.

Look out; its the Olympic site.
Look out a hole that has been there, with a huge fence around it, for a whole year.
Look out the Towpath is flooded and crumbling and there may be some machines here in the next 5 years.
Look out scary death paint.Incidentally, it is on a derlict building that would be pointless breaking in to as it is probably full of rats and smell.
Look out , don't climb over this 5' spiky fence and fall down the bank.
'Take care during bad weather' are you kidding me?
Are you made of sugar? If so do not go out in the rain,you will melt.

Another huge hole. At least 2 feet deep. You might get dirty.
Look out ;here be electricity.
Look out ; electricity is out to get you.
Look out; traffic. On a road of all places.

Look out ! A 3 year old on a bike! Danger.
Good , it is terrifying round here.
Danger!Idiots are in charge of the telly.Run ,run,run for your sanity.
I'll probably get run over tomorrow.

Monday, 26 October 2009

4 miles. Millfields park-Springfield Marina,Walthamstow Marshes,Hackney marshes,Filter beds.Someone actually goes around with a pot of white paint and paints over the graffiti. It is all rubbish tags and 'Kerry is a Skank' type graffiti so of no real value but it seems like a waste of time.
These are under the railway bridge on Walthamstow Marshes.
Just waiting to be sprayed.
Tunnel footpath.
and the railway lines
The Bridges of Madison County.Minus Clint.
The fish have suddenly got water , it was bone dry the last time I came down here it must have been raining a bit.

Lots of new reeds growing , it is almost springlike.
All the fish jumping.
Hopper and Autumn trees in the filter beds , it is beautiful down here at the moment. Could be a bit more cleaning up after your stinky dogs but still beautiful.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

4 miles to Victoria park. Don't tell your boyfriend , just hide the bags at the back of the wardrobe , give it 2 weeks then say "oh I've had these for a while" You are not lying.
Security entrance to the Olympic site.
A french person being funny.
Magic skateboarding feet.
I thought that this was a funny person doing the Fosbury Flop high jump thing but of course I see now that it is a hand whisk.
The Fantasmo apparently.Very big feet.Like boats.
Another sticky person.
This is young persons speak for I'm ready for a nice cup of tea.
Punch and Judy.
Funfair detail from the punch and judy piece.
That building wasn't there last time I came to Vicky park , must be 1 Bishopsgate.
Lovely Vicky park .

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

6 miles down past the Olympics again.Flat,grey, rainy day. Not a lot to see until I came upon these sticky people who I think are new.
There's not much to them but they are very expressive.
Wake up world?
Its a shame someone crap has gone and sprayed all over the top of them.
But it makes them look like you have discovered them while peeking through a bush.
Family of sticky people
Move over Lowry
There's a new sticky painter in town.