Saturday, 7 November 2009

6.5 miles.millfields park to Limehouse Basin and back to vicky park.
Seems a bit unfair on George Galloway.I don't doubt he is a knob but accusing him of future mass extermination seems a bit harsh. Time will tell though , you never know maybe someone knows something I don't.Well a lot of people know something I don't ;it is not tricky.
I thought it felt like a long run.Extensive bomb damage not shown.
Scary peg man on soon to be ruined factory by the stadium.There will be Loft Style Living here soon wait and see.
When Grace Jones goes bad.

I think I need to run somewhere new,it is all getting a bit samey

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

5.8 miles from Millfields along the lea navigation canal , onto the regents canal to Broadway market , through London fields , up mare st and back to Clapton.
There are more evil Cbeebies along this stretch of the Regents canal,but they are thinner and a bit more evil looking.
By Old Ford Road.
View down Regents canal to the gasometers . do they still work?Can never remeber if they were up or down last time.
Old sweat shop on the canal.
Artists studios , I think. They were 5 years ago but maybe not now.
Under the Mare st bridge.This way to the zoo.
Round the corner from Broadway Market.Fahionable young people from the creative industries being cool not shown.
Or not.
That funny frenchman again.
Proof if it was ever needed that Katie and Jamie were right to leave Richmond Road.