Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Back from a short hiatus after injury and lack of motivation to...snow. London is great when it snows , there's no point trying to go to work and it covers up the dirt.
This is frost rather than snow but blimey it was chilly. I may not be a northerner anymore , I wore a hat all the 5 miles.I think I may officially be a hockey playing,ballet loving,shandy drinking ,southern, cream puff. I once saw a girl in Cumbria in hotpants,moon boots and a bikini top ( no tights obv.) on Christmas eve.Near the docks too,very nippy.
Finally started knocking down the old matchbox factory.What a shame.We can look forward to something really ugly and boring in its place.One of those horrid beige buildings they keep putting up with tiny windows.
Peace.Its a Christmas dove.
This wall, until recently,was covered in very fine graffiti but has been blasted off .It now looks really crap and grubby.This has probly got something to do with the Olympics and everything to do with the people in the new flats opposite not liking it.
Oh , its all smudgy.Makes her look all downcast and upset.
Scary alien peeping out from behind the door.

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