Friday, 15 January 2010

4 mile slush run. I am fed up of getting soggy feet now.Next. Came off the canal at Hackney wick and ran back thorugh the streets as it was less slippy. This is on the wall of an old warehouse where there are a few galleries and artists' studios.
There is not much else around here now apart from the interest the artists bring.A few years ago if you went down Carpenters Road on a Sunday all you could hear was the very loud worship from The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries or the last blast of a rave dying out from the night before. The only other people around were monged out clubbers and blissed out churchgoers.
I spose they all looked a bit like this but with crazy clothing. Giant headwraps for the religious ladies and that minging cyber/hippie/punk look with those nasty platform shoes for the mongers.
A view over the canal to the new flats that are part of the new ugly deveopments.
My new home.
Rubbish in the car park.
Scary hand head.
Phantasmo.If you can spot him.
Looks like that man from the Buff Meadways or that Chap you always see in Shoreditch with the Great Dane.Chocks away Ginger.
This is how little kids draw skyscrapers but somehow better.

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