Sunday, 11 October 2009

This is a nice chair.If I run past here a little later these old buildings are alive with workers having a tea break on an assortment of old chairs and bits of old car.
The old Matchbox Factory by the Lea Navigation Canal.It closed years ago and is now being bulldozed , a shame those little metal cars were cool.
Underneath the A12 , hope it doesn't get whitewashed in the Olympic purges.
When the Cbeebies go bad.
This little running blob is past Old Ford Lock, it looks like it is flying along.
This one makes me feel a bit sick but it has an olympic torch so that'll do.
Crocodile sandwich
Canary Wharf peeking over the top of the trees , there are suddenly lots of canal boats on this stretch of the canal ,don't know where they appear from but they always do at this time of year , maybe they migrate like the geese.
The Olympic stadium suddenly appeared a few months ago , after years of cranes and mounds of earth. They haven't got long left they'd better get a wiggle on.
A bit of canal that is blocked off as it leads to the stadium. There are loads of security guards around here an they don't seem to like you taking photos.
More autumn.
Old ford lock. A working lock but I have yet to see a boat going through.This is right next to the house that was the Big Breakfast house back in the 1990s.It is now a rather smashing home.If a little overshadowed by the new stadium , I would get the f*** out of dodge in 2012 if I was them it'll be like Oxford St at Christmas with extra fireworks.
Broken Taxis .There was a duck sitting on one but he nicked off when I got my camera out.

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  1. Have you seen a pheasant on your picambulations? Londoners are used to seeing foxes, but I was surprised to see a pheasant in my E8 garden. I've posted a few pix at